Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had a busy weekend. Friday night a couple from our church invited us over for dinner. We have come to love this couple. They have been so welcoming to our family and they have the sweetest little girl Avery. Ireland and Avery are becoming fast friends which is nice to see.

Here's Ireland and Avery giving loves to each other before we left that night.

I love this one. They were just smiling at each other. So sweet.

Saturday Dawson's school had their fall festival. They do this neat auction with a sealed bid. They have Cowboy tickets,photography sessions,baskets made with a theme from each class with goodies, and they even had a puppy they auctioned. He was too cute. Demi Lovato went to Dawson's school growing up and here is one of 2 auctions that she donated. It was a picture with her signature. The other was a Camp Rock 2 DVD with her autograph also. The kids thought this was so neat.

All of the games they had.

The kids just enjoyed playing on the playground too.

Dawson and Ansley in the bouncehouse.

Ireland decided she wanted to go for a walk with daddy while Dawson and Ansley played.
They ended up at the petting area watching the cows.
She had to show her siblings the cows. It was too funny at one point the cow came towards her and she about fell over herself trying to back up.
I thought this picture was sweet. They were waiting in line for a game and I glanced over and Dawson had his arm over her.

Playing games

We left after a few more games and some eating so David and Dawson could get home to get cleaned up for a Texas Rangers baseball game that night. A friend of ours from church had tickets and invited them. Dawson came home that night and talked nonstop about the game and how fun it was.

Sunday we had church and had Brock Gill at our church. I had never heard of him but he's an illusionist who incorporates the Bible and Jesus into his stories to witness. It's pretty neat. Here's his website Then Sunday night we had a get together with our Sunday school class which was fun. We are blessed to have made some good friends so far.
Also my mom is having surgery today as I write and it's the first time I've not been with my family during something like this so it's making me a little anxious. I'd appreciate prayers for my sweet mom.


Dina said...

I hope your mom is doing ok. I will say a prayer for her!

Never Enough Thyme Creations said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!! Your family is adorable!! Embrace every second, they grow up so quickly!! Mine is 15 and it all went by in a flash!!
Happy Painting!