Thursday, October 28, 2010

Show Us Your Life:Where Our Guest Lay Their Head

Today is Show Us Your Life: Guest Rooms over at Kelly's Korner. This guest room still isn't completely done since moving in, in July but it works.

Upon entering the guest room.

The bed is from IKEA. Bedding is a mixture. The quilt is from TJ Maxx and the shams and duvet are from an online Scandinavian Company. Pillows are from Target and TJ Maxx also I think.

Up close of the bedding. I LOVE the red ticking.

The table was my husband's grandmothers. My inlaws gave it to us and I painted it a red. I love how it makes the details pop so well on the legs. The lamp is from Stein Mart. The tray holds some night time reading for guests. Several decorating magazines and books. Please overlook the wad of cords on the floor. It's where Time Warner hooked our phone and internet at. I plan to maybe get some shutters or something else to go there to help conceal it.

Cute cross is from Hobby Lobby. The red sign was just a piece of wood I had that I painted and put a vinyl decal that I had on. I wish I wouldn't have painted it a red as it's hard to read sometimes. Oh well. I learned and wouldn't do it again.

A frame I painted and put burlap in and stenciled.

This cute stitchery I won off a blog in a giveaway. I love it.

A basket full of blankets for our guest in case they want extra.

I missed last weeks nurseries/kids rooms so here are my kids rooms.

This is the girls room. I have them sharing because we wanted to have our 4th bedroom as the guest plus I just like the fact that they are in there together.

This is Ansley's side. She loves her Cinderella bed my inlaws bought about 3 years ago when they were on vacation. The bedding is from Target. I originally was going to go all out on bedding for the girls to match from Pottery Barn but the more I thought about it the less I liked the idea. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on bedding that Ireland or Ansley might outgrow soon or if they ended up not sharing a room I didn't want the rooms to be alike so I settled for the same colors. The cute stool was a flea market find.

This is Ansley's dresser. I hate the pulls on it and plan to change them eventually but right now it's not high on my priority list. Yes, the girls don't have curtains yet. I'm on the lookout for some.

This is the girls frames from the birthdays. They each have one. It's their 1st birthday invitations and a picture of them at a year old and then all our guest signed it with sweet messages. I love it and it's something they can always look back on and how much they're loved.

This is Ireland's side. The cute nightstand was another piece that was my husbands grandmothers. I seen it and another one that's now in my sons room in her garage when my inlaws were going through things after she passed months later for a estate sale. They told me to go through and pick anything I wanted. I grabbed the 2 nightstands and the one that's in my guestroom and another smaller version of it too. I love them. They're very sturdy and solid. Ansley wanted hers a pretty pink. I love the dry earse plate on it for messages and the lamp is vintage. I found it on etsy.

Here's a more up close look. The bowholder was a gift and it holds some of our bows. We have tons in baskets in the girls bathroom. Truth be told we'd need probably another 3-4 bow holders like that to hold almost all of them. Crazy I know.

This shelf I got from Michaels and painted it. The knobs I got online. The dress on the left is Ansleys baby dedication dress, the one in the middle is my baby dedication dress, and the one on the right is Ireland's baby dedication dress. I love looking at them when I come in the room. The princess sign was a gift from my fil for Ansley on her 1st birthday.

This is Dawson's room. His room is a work in progress. It has a LONG way to go. He mainly wants a map theme to his room. We are slowly decorating it but it leaves alot to be desired still at this point.

He wanted a "D" on his door since the girls have their names on the wall in their room. I painted it for him and he loves it.

His dropcloth curtains. They work pretty well.

I love the colors in his bedding. He still needs the shams and the twin comforter set for the top bunk. I am in the process too of finding some pillows for the bed. I want to get a rug to go under some of the bed also.

Here's his nightstand that I painted for him. The lamp shade I just added ribbon to and a button to add to it. The picture on the nightstand is of Dawson and his dad when he killed his 1st deer.

This stool my mom painted for Dawson's nursery and he still likes to keep it out in his room. It's special to him and I like that he feels that way.

This is entering his room. The longhorns were his dad's when he was little and were given to Dawson by my inlaws when they found out we were moving to Texas. Right under it now is a map of the US hanging ( I took this picture before it was hung). I'm in the process of trying to frame it from a tutorial from another blog. I'll let yall know how it turns out. I'm also on the lookout for a pretty globe to put on his armoire.

I hope you enjoyed your visit. Thanks for visting.
If you visit please leave a comment so I can be sure to visit you.


Anonymous said...

I really love the red - it's so cheery and bright and different! Just beautiful!

Shoshanah said...

I love that Cinderella bed! I would have loved to have something like that when I was growing up

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I love all of your rooms...they are so cute! My niece would die for that Cinderella bed. :)

Ashley said...

I LOVE the red guest room!!! I am in love with the bedding! You have such great style. Thank you so much for sharing.

The Branches said...

LOVE all your rooms you are a great decorator! And also enjoyed all the Halloween pictures...hope you are enjoying this cooler weather FINALLY!

My Creative Way said...

Love all the rooms!!

The bow holder you should get it to say something instead of the initial and hang it somewhere. Like D I V A and have all the bows hanging from it. I'm sure you already thought of something like that :)