Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Ireland

This sweet little girl turned 2 today. She's my baby and I can't believe how fast these 2 years have went by. She's been such a gift to our family and a pure joy to call my child.

A few things about Ireland: right now she weighs all of about 21 lbs. and is still wearing mainly 12 month clothing with some 18 months. She is fearless and will try anything of all my children she is I think going to be my most head strong. She knows what she wants when she wants it. She is obsessed with shoes right now and if you leave them around she will find them. She's been known to hide in the closets just playing with shoes. She is very loving and totally devoted to her brother and sister.

Today we had a pretty low key day. Since all our family is in Florida and it's just us now we had a couple from church whose little girl Ireland loves over for dinner and just to play and have cake and ice cream.

Look at those curls. They're still there. I love them and that it's so different from my other 2 children.

She has gotten to where she really loves it when her picture is taken. To me she looks like such a big girl here.

Oh precious baby of mine. That sweet face. I adore it and have adored the 2 years God has given me with you.

On our way to the park after dinner with her friend Avery.

Playing at the park. They play so well together.

Big brother helping that big 2 yr. old towards the slide.
Oh she loved this part. Loves to be sung to. Big sister there to help her out.

Can you tell she loves it?

She's patiently waiting to figure out how to blow that candle out.

Daddy showing her how to do it.

Eating some of that birthday cake. Yum.

Right before bed this is how I found her. Playing with her Minnie Mouse card that sings Happy Birthday to you. She loved this card and I think David and I could have just gotten her this card and she would have been happy.
Happy 2nd Birthday Ireland. I can't believe you're 2. You are a true blessing and I'm so glad you're ours Butterbean.


Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little one. I do adore her curls, wish I had them.

Dina said...

Happy Birthday Ireland! She is just too cute!