Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Birthday Spent At American Girl

Today my middle child Ansley turned 5. It seems like such a big girl age and she was quick to remind me today that she is a big girl. My mother in law flew in yesterday from Florida to help us celebrate Ansley's birthday. This is the first birthday we have ever celebrated away from all our family. We planned the day to be spent at the Galleria Mall and American Girl. We had a great girl day and Ansley loved every minute.

I let Ansley open her card this morning from us before we left because it had a Princess pin she could wear today and she's all about Princesses now.

With her pin on.

I asked Ansley where she wanted to eat lunch for her special day. Nothing would do but MacDonalds. Not hard to please I guess.

Ireland enjoyed it as well.

There it is. The place we had been waiting to get to the last few days to purchase our first American Girl Doll.

They have so many dolls to choose from and all the accessories. It's every girls dream (even moms)

My mother in law and Ansley looking at some of the dolls.

Ansley heading out with her present. She decided on a twin doll that looks like her and she named her Kit. If you're familiar with American Girl dolls you know there's already a doll named Kit. Ansley liked the name so much she decided to name her doll Kit too. I asked her what she'd name the other Kit when we purchased her later (as I LOVE the Kit doll) and she said Kit 2. My mother in law purchased Ansley and Kit a matching outfit set.

When we got home tonight we let Ansley open presents and we had cake and ice cream. My parents and sister wanted to skype with us while Ansley opened gifts and so they could sing to her. I think it made my parents feel good to see Ansley and felt alittle apart of her birthday as I know this has been so hard on them.

Ireland loved the skyping and kept wanting to kiss the screen.

Getting ready to sing.

Ansley's tiara and wand that came off her cake.

Happy 5th Birthday my Princess. We're so glad you were born and that you're ours.

We love you.


Dina said...

Happy Birthday Ansley!

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Awww! I know it's hard to be away from family, but I hope you're enjoying TX!

Okay... now I'm wondering if we should take Sis to American Girl for HER bday! That looks unbelievable. Let's email about it, I want the scoop! :)