Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ansley started preschool this morning and was beyond excited and ready to go. She couldn't wait to get there and get started. Me? Not so much. It's always hard to let your child go and realize they're growing up.

Ansley in her Hello Kitty outfit

Heading out the door with her Hello Kitty backpack and lunchbox

This is "The Garage" at her preschool where they do storytime,chapel,and just play.

This is the cube. The indoor play area they use.

Here's Ansley before going in.

Ansley by her cubby.

Ansley talking to her teacher Ms. Katie before going into class.

Ansley in class with some of the other kids.

I pick her up today at 2 so I'll be curious as to how her day went. She had no problems going right in and getting started. Ireland will miss her today though. They had gotten to where they played so well together now it will just be me and Ireland at home.

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