Friday, September 10, 2010

A Visit to the Gaylord Texan

While my parents were here this past week we decided to make a trip to the Gaylord Texan to check it out. It's only around 4 miles from our home so we pass it alot and heard it was beautiful inside. It didn't disappoint. They had the Alice in Wonderland theme going on while we were there and it was actually the last day they were having it when we went.

Here's the open area of the hotel. Isn't it beautiful?

They had books all over the hotel like this showing a scene from Alice and then they had replicated it.
David,Dawson,and Ansley looking at the train set there.
Beautiful Texas Star. When you're in the open area and look up this is what you see.
Sweet girl

My sweeties

Looking at this picture you'd never know they fight huh? :)

This was a neat scene like a sand sculpture.

They had longhorns carved out here and there around the hotel.

The Queen of Hearts and the Rabbit


I loved this.

This is "Hank" the longhorn. He's huge.

My parents with the kids in front of Hank. Ireland looks so happy doesn't she?

The kids loved looking at him. Ireland actually wanted to climb in there with him.

Ireland wasn't sure what to think of the Queen.

Here she had been telling Dawson to bow to her and say "Your Highness."

Is she cute or what? I love this picture.

On our way out.

We had a good time just walking around and enjoying the hotel. If you live in the area and haven't been you should check it out.

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