Sunday, September 26, 2010

Loving some Hello Kitty Boots

Ireland lately has an obsession with shoes. She wants to wear everyone's all the time. She especially has a love for a pair of her old shoes that she tries to wear all the time. Funny thing is though she wants to wear just one of the shoes so she hobbles around the house with that one shoe that doesn't fit. Ansley the other day left her shoes downstairs and I had turned around to get a diaper to change Ireland and this is what I turned back to. She continued to wear these boots for over an hour. I thought I'd share.

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The Branches said...

ha..ha..she look so adorable! I love Hello Kitty. I was like that when I got a fake fur coat for Christmas and I wanted to sleep in it....of course that didn't last long b/c it was so HOT!