Friday, September 24, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Master Bedroom

Today is Show Us Your Life: Master Bedrooms over at Kelly's Korner . We just moved recently from Florida to the DFW area of Texas in July so everything is still a work in progress but we're getting there.

This is the view upon entering our room. Our walls are still pretty bare and there's lots I still want to do with the area.

This is the nightstand on my husband's side. The picture is of us when we had just started dating.

Don't you love my shades?

This is the nightstand on my side. The framed picture is of our wedding announcement in our local paper. The lamps are from Kirkland's and the nightstands were my grandparents. They're not my favorite but they work for now.

This is the view from our bathroom. The bedding is from Rose Tree. The bed and the rest of the furniture set was my grandparents. They gave it to us 2 years ago and I love it. It's very old around 100 years old to be exact. The windows are going to be getting some curtains before long but for now they are bare.

The bench my grandparents gave us and I painted it and reupolstered it.

One of the dresser sets. I love the swivel mirrors on the dressers and the skelton key draws

Our view from the bed and yes that is my tv sitting sitting on my jewelry case for now. We'd like to get a armoire or something for that space. I don't really care for tv's showing in my room but for now it stays.

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The Branches said...

I love your furniture and it's got sentimental value too :) Your room looks so warm and cozy! You should definitely come to the blog meetup b/c I would love to meet you! And I don't know too many people here either, that is one of the reasons I wanted to get together. My husband is from Fort Worth, but I have only lived here for 3 years, I am from AR. Email me at

Pamela said...

I love your bedroom! I have the same moire plaid that your bedskirt is made of in our living room. It is a great plaid! Welcome to Texas!

Anonymous said...

How pretty! I love everything about it~the history, the bedding, the designs, etc.! Just lovely.

Taylor said...

Absolutely love your material!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

How pretty! I love your bedding and lamps!