Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oink The Pig And The End Of Summer Library Party

Since moving to Colleyville one thing that has kept the kids and I busy is the Public Library. The library here has so many wonderful activities and sits in a beautiful new town square with nice shops and resturants. We've been coming to several activities a week for the last 4 weeks or so. They have a mascot at this library called "Oink the Pig." He comes out several days a week for some of the activities. This summer they gave out piggy banks to kids who wanted one to take home to fill with change and bring back when they liked to put in the big Oink piggy bank and by big I mean BIG. It's a huge piggy bank and the money collected this summer will go to the improvement of the kids area by the winter time.

Last night was the end of summer party for the library. They had bounce houses and activity climbers, pony rides, a petting zoo, tons of games,door prizes, a dj, a big firetruck that you could sit in, people making balloon animals, and tons of fair like food to eat and it was all free except some of the food. We decided to take the kids for abit and they had a blast.

Here's one of the big firetrucks of Colleyville

Ansley climbing. She loved this activity climber.

Dawson getting to the top of the climber.

Patiently waiting their turn for the bounce house. Isn't it sweet they're holding hands?

Some of the library area

Ireland watching everything around her.

She's pointing to what Dawson and Ansley are doing and wanting to do it too. She thinks she's as big as they are.

Watching the ponies. I had to watch Ireland very closely. Several times she tried climbing through the fence to the ponies. She kept waving at them.
A prop area they had set up for pics.
Dawson and Ansley making something with sand art. Look closely and you'll see Ireland down there trying to join in.
A view in front of the library. They had hulu hoop contests going on where that white tent is.
Ireland and daddy sitting while waiting for Dawson and Ansley to finish an activity.

She kept trying to tell David something here. Not sure what. Oh the language of a 21 month old.

I love this picture. Sweet Ireland and daddy time.

Ansley finishing up making her neat paint paper.

Here's "Oink" and Ireland. Ireland wanted to talk to Oink and touch but wasn't quite sure either. She'd wave and blow kisses but wouldn't get any closer then when we got ready to leave she would just stand there waving saying "bye,bye."
Here's that firetruck with it's bucket way in the air.


Dina said...

Hey, We will be at church this sunday. We go to the 9:30 service. If you want we can meet up and I can take you to the fun "with kids" class that starts at 11:00. My email is

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

Hey girl--your family is beautiful!

GREAT NEWS--you won the Barn Owl giveaway for the Keep Calm and Carry On sign! I was unable to track down an email for you--so please try to respond to this within 48 hourse to claim your prize ;)

thanks for reading Little Miss Momma!


Holly said...

Your kids are adorable! It looks like a really pretty town too. I hope you will enjoy your new home.