Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Backyard Oasis

So we're renting for the first year of our new move and we wanted to do this to make sure we loved this area and the schools and not be locked into a home we bought then decide we wish we'd have moved 10 miles further one way or the other. So far we are LOVING Colleyville and have nothing but wonderful things to say of the area and people. We're centrally located from downtown Dallas by about maybe 15-20 miles max and to downtown Fort Worth by about 12 miles or so.

When we were looking for a home on our trips out here or when my husband was here working and I was on the phone with him as he did his drive bys or visits himself we kept noticing you don't get much yard here in Texas unless you're in further out towns such as McKinney or Frisco. If you live in Texas you know what I'm talking about you either get a ok yard or a yard with a pool and no grass. So we had 2 challenges. One was finding a home in Colleyville because it's such a desired area and second was finding one with a yard the kids could play in. Alot of homes we looked at the fence was about 6 feet from the patio door. Not our ideal yard considering we're coming from a home that had 1/2 acre and before that our home had 20 acres. When we came across this home in Colleyville the yard totally sold us. Not only does this yard have a 1/2 acre that is fenced in but it also has a pool that is fenced in. You can sit out on the patio in the evenings and just listen to the waterfall. We do this alot while we eat supper outside. The previous people also were nice enough to leave their swingset for us which is perfect because we didn't want to have to purchase one when we knew we'd be moving again in 1-2 years. We also have a nice park about 3 houses down from us too that we use.

Overall the yard is a backyard oasis and so relaxing. It's perfect for entertaining. I still have a few things I want to add out here but for now it works.

Walking out from the patio door

View from the sidewalk area

The shaded area of the patio. I'd like a nice sitting area here.

The wonderful pool for those hot Texas summers. We're enjoying this.

View of the house from the pool area.

View of backyard from sidewalk area.

Play area

Looking from the backyard along the fence area.

Walking back up to the house by the sidewalk. My husband has decided that we need white lights above the patio area. I think he's right.


Lori@ Paisley Passions said...

What a beautiful house! Wish I had that pool! Thanks for following me. I am now following back :)

@Paisley Passions
@Laughter & Memories

Stephani said...

Loving the back yard...we moved to Frisco a little over a year ago and did the same as you guys (rented for the first year to make sure we liked the schools and neighborhood). We actually ended up buying a house in the same subidvision that we rented in. :)I've never been to Colleyville, but it looks super cute!!! Hope you guys love it here!!