Friday, January 8, 2010

Visiting Daddy in Illinois and a trip to Galena,IL.

A few weeks ago the kids and I flew up to Illinois for a week to visit daddy. Flying with three kids by yourself is no fun and the "I feel sorry for you" looks I got at the airports were interesting. Overall the flights went smoothly and daddy was waiting for us with open arms at the airport. We had a good visit and the kids were so excited to be back with daddy for more than 3 days at a time. We had some good family time with just us. We decided for the weekend to goto Galena,Il. I've been there before and loved it during the fall. So we ventured out and decided to take the Great River Road for our journey there. If you've never been on the Great River Road I recommend it.

The great River Road

Sweet Galena. This town is small and quaint. The whole main street is nothing but cute stores an resturants. It's a small town and the main street sits down in a valley and homes over look it. This was Ulysses S. Grant's home for years so it also has history.
This is a cute little hotel on Main Street. The whole Main Street is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Cute little clock on Main Street

Another shot of the downtown. That's my sweet little Dawson ahead of the camera in the picture.

Ireland all bundled up while we shopped.

Ansley and Ireland

Ulysses S. Grant's home. This home sits overlooking the town of Galena. This home was built by the townspeople and given to Grant when he came back from the war as a gift of appreciation to him. He lived here til becoming president and even after that visited the home regularly.

This is the view from Grant's home

My sweet kiddo's sitting on a bench in front of Grant's home.
It's been interesting having my husband work away from home for a year but it's afforded us the opportunities for the kids to see tons this summer and so much history. Things otherwise we probably wouldn't have seen. We've been able to go here to Galena and see Grant's home. We've seen Chicago, we went to Lincoln's home,tomb,and museum,we saw the Amish,tons of museums, Al Capone's home. I'm behind on all our neat adventures and hopefully I'll get to posting them sometime soon.


Twice as Nice said...

It's been awhile since I've been to Galena. The friends we went with go quite often. They like to ski there too. It's a cute town.
Did the kids get a chance to see snow? We have quite a bit now. I'd rather be in Florida!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Those are the sweetest looking three kids I have ever seen. I bet they were little angels on that plane...Im so glad that you were able to spend some good quality time with your other half. Take care~

Shannon said...

What a cute little town! I love Ireland's hat too! I"ve been looking at a similar one for Westin's newborn pictures. :)

Melissa Miller said...

What a wonderful and scenic trip you all took Debbie. That must have been tough flying alone. They are such precious children! I adore all of their pretty names as well.

Thank you for your kind visit. You always make my day sweet friend.

Stay warm! ~Melissa :)

Raychel said...

No Way I could walk over that glass. Oh MY!!! that is crazy!

I fell out of a 3 story window when I was 5 years old. Still have nightmares haha

Raychel from

Raychel said...

Awesome! Once you get here let me know! I'm going to do a photoshoot and need some models. I'd love for your girls to come model when you get here.

All of those places are very nice. Southlake is real expensive but amazing.

Keller is newer and very nice and much more afordable. I heard schools there are amazing. My brother and sister in law live there.

We live in Forney which is nice but way on the other side of what your looking at.

What a hard choice. All so good. I guess just find a house you like and go from there because you cant really go wrong with those areas.

My husband works in McKinney and we really like that area as well.