Monday, January 11, 2010

Laundry Re-Do

When we moved into the house we live in they had these oak or I'm assuming they're oak cabinets. I've hated them from the start. We have them in our kitchen and bathrooms as well. I decided I wanted to paint them white in our laundry room to brighten the space some and plus this was the smallest area of cabinets to start with for someone whose never painted cabinets before. So here is my first cabinet redo. I think they turned out pretty well and brightened the room. I'll show you the before pictures and then the after with some new decor I added to the space.

This is the before of my laundry room and cabinets.

This sign I got off etsy and I love it. I thought it was different than just a regular Laundry Room sign. It hangs above the door leading into my laundry room.

Here's my laundry room with the cabinets painted.

Don't you think it brightens the space?

Here's an upclose. I added hardware to them also and it adds so much. That "B" I did and it turned out ok for my first try. The laundry loads of fun sign I won from TwiceAsNice a couple of months ago when I first started blogging. I love it.

This cute little washboard I got from an antique store in Fernadina Beach one weekend.

This cute sign I made after seeing it on someone else's blog and thought it was a neat idea.

My lamp and tray were Hobby Lobby finds.

Cute little birds I got from Scribble It. I saw them on Shannon's blog BlessOurNest If you haven't checked her blog out it's a must.

A cabinet I got from Target years ago that holds our Mini Schnauzer Libby's dog treats and other things.

My shelves that hold mostly Hobby Lobby finds other than the bird cage on top. I found that at a cute little shop here in my town.

One of my favorite finds that I found on Etsy. I love this frame.

So that's my new laundry room redo. I know I've showed it before mostly without the cabinet redo and just wanted to share. Now maybe I'll get brave enough to start on my bathroom cabinets.


Raychel said...

I never thought to decorate my laundry room! Love it and I know what I'll be doing this weekend :)

...and yes the white does brighten the room up. Looks great with the white washer and dryer.

Raychel from

..Karen.. said...

Hi! I found your blog through Tutu Fairy. Painting the cabinets really did change the room so much! It looks great!

Twice as Nice said...

Not only do the cabinets look great but you took ideas found on other blogs and put it all together. It's so cute.

Angie said...

It looks so cute and I love all the accessories you used to decorate it! I got my bunny recipe card holder from Stein Mart years ago. I love him too!

Twice as Nice said...

Love, Love the changes. Looks so fresh and inviting. A girl's gotta have a nice laundry room to get her motivated! Have a great week.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

It looks fabulous -I never spend money to accessorize my laundry room but I really like it!

Twice as Nice said...

Hi! Sorry to get back to you so late on the cabinets. They are by Medallion and they are pearl with brown glaze. They were about $6,000 MORE then the cherry we had originally picked out. We were going to do all cherry and I decided I wanted the pearl and just do the island in the cherry. I had NO idea it would be so much more. Hubby said to go and see how much more and the girl quoted me $200.00 LESS! when we went back to order we found out they had moved her to a different department because she didn't know what she was doing! We went to a couple of cabinet stores but ended up buying from...are you ready? MENARDS! They were not what I would consider cheap by no means but I do have all pull outs and they shut themselves so I think they would of been even more somewhere else. Any more questions let me know!

Martha said...

The laundry room looks great!

Lauren said...

Your children are just beautiful...and they are dressed oh so adorable!

Jen R. said...

I love those little birds!!! I need to do something about my laundry too!!!

The Berry's Patch said...

Oh I need to work on my laundry room...I spend so much time in there. Yours is so cute! I love the little birds and the you've got me inspired!