Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chicago and the Willis Tower(Sears)

During our visit to see daddy we went to Chicago. We broke our trips up over 3 different weekends during the 7 weeks we were there. One of the first things we did while we were there was drive around and just take the city in and all it's amazing views. I've never experienced a city so big. Our other thing we did on that first day was head up to Willis Tower formely known as Sears Tower. What a sight to see. I just stood there in awe of how big Chicago is. So here are some pictures of our visit to Willis and other random shots. I'll post more pictures of our visit to Chicago in the coming days.

The view from the top. Isn't it beautiful?

The kids taking in the view

Dawson and Ansley with daddy.

This is the glass walkout they had just opened a week prior.

The kids loved it. Mama not so much.

Dawson and Ansley looking down 108 stories.

All of us. My sister took this picture in another glass walkout alittle ways down from us. Neat huh?

Some random pictures now.

Hancock Observatory. We did this one at night to get a different view from the Willis Tower and it did not disappoint. I'll share pictures later of our trip up on this one.

Cute little street in Chicago.

Wrigley Field. My husband has been able to goto several Cubs games and he loves it.

Some of the boats on Lake Shore Drive. I took this while we were sitting in traffic. These boats are everywhere.
Enjoying the summer days. It would even be in the 60's low 70's with wind and they'd be out there. Guess you can tell we're true Floridians as we would have froze.

Navy Pier

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