Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Day at Navy Pier and Millennium Park

Here are some pictures of our day at Navy Pier and Millennium Park. We had a great time.

'The Bean" See the building's in the reflection.

As we were walking up to "The Bean"

This picture was taken standing under "The Bean" Weird huh?
Dawson and Ansley laying under it.

Me and Dawson

Dawson deep in thought.

I told her to make a silly face at me and this is what she did.
Dawson at Millennium Park

This is at Millennium Park. It's really neat. They put faces up of people who live in Chicago every so many minutes and sometimes they spit out water. The kids love it.

Dawson and Ansley in front of one. You don't realize how big they are til they're standing in front of one.
I had brought the kids bathing suits in case they wanted to play in the water but it was alittle cooler that day than what we thought it would be so I didn't bring them from the car. My last words to the kids were you can get your feet wet but don't get your clothes wet.

Dawson listens. Ansley not so much. In this picture her clothes are already drenched. She said "But Mama I slipped and my skirt got wet so I figured I could just get wet now." Typical Ansley answer.
See my Dawson is still dry. He knew not to get wet.

I love this picture the way they're touching each other and talking.

Ansley decided to take a rest.

When we left this is what Ansley looked like.

Here we are at Navy Pier. Dawson,Ansley,and my sister Lindsay making faces in the mirrors.
Hancock from Navy Pier

Dawson,Ansley,and Daddy in front of the funny mirrors.

David,Dawson,Ansley,and I did this Funhouse Maze. It was pretty neat.

We ate here at American Dog at the Pier and had the best hot dogs. Yum.

Dawson and Ansley thought these fountains were neat.

A family picture.

Daddy and Ansley watching a show at the Pier.

My sweet Ireland at Navy Pier

Navy Pier

This is a view from the Ferris Wheel when we rode it.

Another view. The yachts there do dinner and take you out. Very nice to do without the kids.

This picture was taken on the Ferris Wheel also. It's rumored that the building straight ahead is where Oprah lives.

Me,my sister Lindsay,and Ireland on the Ferris Wheel.
Dawson and Ansley
The Ferris Wheel

That's it. I'll share another day our trip to the Museum of Science and Industry and a trip to Springfield to see Lincoln's Home.


Stephanie said...

I love it - your kids are adorable! Can't wait to go back one day with Nick and the {as of yet, non-existing} kids =)

Melissa Miller said...

~WOW! Debbie looks like you all had a really fun time! It's beautiful and scenic.

Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Kristens Creations said...

Great pictures! The bean was really neat...I've never been there before. You asked about the church...it's actually in Greenwood Ar. Are you excited about moving to Dallas? I love it there...so much to do! The Saltgrass is a wonderful resturant. They have the best steak! I splurge a little when I go there and my stomach usually hurts afterwards...lol. Market is in January and June, I have gotten to go for the past 10 years with my former boss who owned the shop I worked at. It's alot of fun, but so overwhelming. Thanks for checking out the video! Kristen