Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Day in the Windy City

Here's some more pictures of our weekend in Chicago while visiting David. We did all the tourist stuff and took in The Field Museum and Hancock Observatory. We also did Navy Pier and Millennium Park but I'll show those another day since there's so many pictures. I have to say this is one of the best trips we've done. So much for the kids to see and learn.

This is the hotel we stayed at. I had researched and researched prior to our trip but I came across Stephanie's Blog at A Blue-eyed Boy Met a Brown-eyed Girl and saw her trip to the Windy City and this hotel and thought this would be perfect and it was. Thanks Stephanie.

We even had a doorbell by our door to use. The kids thought this was the neatest thing.

The other hit with the kids was the tv in the bathroom. They'd make up a excuse to use the bathroom just to watch the tv in there.

Our view from our room. We were right on the corner of Michigan Ave. and it was the perfect location.

We decided to venture out to The Field Museum after we got there and this is right across the street from it.

The Field Museum

Dawson and Ansley right outside the museum before we went in.

The Field Museum inside. This place is huge and really could use 2 days of going through if your the type of person who doesn't want to miss anything.

Another picture taken from upstairs. We LOVED this place and saw so much. I highly recommend it if your ever in the area. It's a must.

They had a Real Pirates exhibit going on called "The Untold Story of the Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship" while we were there and decided to buy tickets for that and it was worth it. Very interesting.

T-Rex "Sue". Sue is the largest complete dinosaur they've found so far. She's HUGE.

Another picture of "Sue" from upstairs. Sue is so big and her head weighs so much that they couldn't put Sue's real head on her body for the exhibit so it's in a glass display case upstairs.

Here's Sue's real head. I can't remember the exact weight of this head but I remember it was over 800 lbs.

Dawson and Ansley playing interactive games .

The gorilla "Bushman" He was in the Zoo in Chicago.
If you've ever watched the movie "Ghost in the Darkness" then you'll be familar with these lions. They had a exhibit there with the actual skin from the lions and had them stuffed. You could see the actual burn marks from the bullets where they were killed.
These lions terrorized the people of Kenya killing and eating over 140 people over a 9 month period while they worked to build a railroad. When they were finally killed one measured over 9 feet long from tip of nose to tail.
The kids in front of "Sue" They weren't to sure about standing in front of her and it took alot of convincing.
Our trip to Hancock Observatory was so neat. We decided to do this one at night to get a different view since we had done the Sears(Willis) Tower during the day. Here's a picture from Hancock overlooking "Navy Pier."

See the pool on top of the building to the left? Neat huh.
Isn't that view amazing?
They saw looking out from Hancock you can see over 4 states.
At Hancock they give you these headphones with a touchscreen with different points of interests and buildings to learn about. You go in order and it points out certain buildings and how they came to be and why they're important to Chicago. Here's Dawson,my sister Lindsay, and my husband David listening while they look at Chicago from the open area they have.
Here's a picture from the open area. This area is neat because you can feel all the wind and hear all the traffic.
I'll share another day our day to Navy Pier and Millennium Park.


Stephanie said...

Wowzas! Highly reminiscent of our trip to Chiacago this past summer - right down to Hotel 71 =) I loved revisitng and remembering through your pics!

Your blog is fabulous. I'm so encouraged by someone as awesome as you visiting and leaving sweet comments on my blog! Thanks a million =)

Twice as Nice said...

Looks like there was something for everyone! I've been to Navy Pier a few times to go on the cruise. They feed you dinner. We went through hubby's work. Was a lot of fun. I live about 1 1/2 away from Chicago but never go there! Have a great week.