Monday, June 8, 2009

Disney Vacation 2009

We're back from our week at Disney and it was wonderful. We had the best time. We go every year to Disney and its become a tradition for my family as well as my parents and sister to go. We meet them down there and spend a week together just relaxing and having fun. My parents are a part of the vacation club at Disney so we all stay together in a villa at the Wilderness Lodge or sometimes we'll choose to stay at another villa at another Disney resort. My Husband was able to come down Friday through Tuesday from Illinois since he's working up there for a year. We were so glad he was able to join us. We hit all the parks, did some swimming at several of the hotels, went bike riding through the Wilderness Campgrounds, and did some good eating while down there. We went to the Luau at the Polynesian Resort, Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club for a good malt, and the Rainforest Cafe at the Animal Kingdom just to name a few. Dawson's highlight of the trip was one night when him,his sister, and daddy stayed out at the Magic Kingdom for the after hours Magical Hours provided to the resort guests. He got to sit in the driver seat of a Disney bus. The driver was nice enough to let him sit there and act like he was driving with his hat and all and my husband forgot his camera but got some with his camera phone. They were the only ones on the bus so the driver just let Dawson enjoy it.

Overall we had a nice time with Papa, Nana, and Aunt Lindsay at Disney and we're already looking forward to next years trip. I took tons of pictures and decided to just make a video rather than list all the pictures on here. ">


Nicole said...

Your trips sounds (and looks!) like it was so much fun! Your little kiddos are too cute, LOVE the matching outfits! Also, I really enjoy your picture montages!

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