Thursday, June 18, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday: Playroom & Laundry Room

Kelly over at Kelly'sKorner is hosting Show Us Where You Live Friday again. Today's Rooms are your playroom,bonus room, or laundry room. I'm showing today our messy playroom for the kids and my laundry room. Both are still a work in progress.

Here is my laundry room. It's right off the kitchen. To the right is a door to the outside garage.

Here it is with the lights off and just the lamp on in there.

Here's our mini schnauzer Libby Mae's bed with her toys. She doesn't sleep there though.

Her water and food bowl.

My knobby Knee birds that I saw on another blog and loved.

Some of my shelving to hold clothes and Libby's food.

My "laundry" definition I saw on another blog that I thought was a neat idea.

This holds Libby's snacks and other things I want hidden.

My washboard that I got at a antique store.

My laundry sign that I won from a blog giveaway over at TwiceAsNice

There's still several things I plan to do to my laundry room such as paint the cabinets and get hardware, get some more things for the shelves, and I'm waiting for a frame with chicken wire to put some pics and other things in.
Now onto the playroom or our Florida Room that we've turned into the kids playroom. It works great because its right off the living room and our bedroom so we can see the kids whether we're in the living room,kitchen,our bedroom, or the hallway.

This is the view from our bedroom french doors. We never use these doors so Dawson has his train table here but it's fixing to come out soon for more room. That trampoline thing is Ansley's from our in-laws for Christmas. They figured she needed something to jump on after she jumped off our couch and hit her head on our coffee table. The kids love that thing. That window straight across is our kitchen.

Here's the view from the other side of the room. Those french doors are to our bedroom.

Here's the kids tv. The shelf under it holds wii games, puzzles,games,books,etc. My goal is to get a armoire in the playroom to put those games,puzzles,movies, and their art stuff in so I can use the shelf for books and get their art desk out also as it takes up alot of room. The toy box to the right is Ansley's. Dawson's is in his room that is just like it but he does have a smaller one for his stuff in the playroom also.

Here's a closer look at most of Ansleys stuff. Her kitchen,dollhouse, their table, and that art table in the back that I want to move out of their. It holds their coloring books,paper,etc. right now. I want to put baskets in the armoire to hold the coloring books and things. I'm on the lookout on Craigslist. That black basket on their table holds markers,crayons,color pencils,stickers,stencils .

Another view. All Ansley's strollers. That smaller toy box is Dawson's.

This is the view into the room from the french doors in the living room. My goal is to get some chairs or bean bags where his train table is at now for the kids when they're watching movies. I'd also like to get a kids rug.
Sorry for the picture overload.


Steph H. said...

I love the knobby knee birds!

Heather said...

I love both rooms!! Your laundry room is huge and the outdoor playarea is awesome!! Great job and I love everything!

pumpkinpatches said...

I love the birds!! way to cute. The outside play are is awesome. Thanks for showing us around!

Shana said...

I love those birds! Could you please post where they came from! I would love some!

Shana said...

Clarksville has every chain restaurant you could ever want! We have 2 O'Charleys!! I would stay off of Exit 4 (on I-24). This is the exit where you will find anything and everything, hotels, food etc. It is Wilma Rudolph Boulevard. A really neat place to eat is Old Chicago (they have great pizza!).

Todd and Courtney said...

I love them both! Your play room area is awesome....seriously want it! Your laundry room is huge. I need some decor in mine...totally taking some of your ideas :)

Rachel said...

Love the rooms! I love that the playroom is so visible from your other rooms in the house!

Shana said...

Our downtown is really fun! My favorite place in Clarksville is Hodge Podge! You should def check that out!! You should have breakfast at Blondie's and have the Blackhorse for lunch! All of that is on the same street, Franklin street.

T~T said...

LOVE that FL room!! and your little chicks in your laundry room

MamaVigil said...

I love both rooms. I would do laundry in your laundry room any day - it is just perfect - Can I come over and play with the kids in their play space, it looks so fun! :) Blessings!

Chelsa said...

i love both rooms :)

Phillips Phamily Mama said...

Love the chicken wire idea! I want to do some fun things with our laundry room, but priorities keep leading me back to our public spaces. Someday...

Love the name of your blog! So sweet. (and we have an Ansley, too!)

Dana said...

Your play area is great! I have a 4 year old named Ansley!!

McClure Family said...

that play space is GREAT!! what a neat space!!!

see my home:

6HartsforHim said...

Love your Laundry room,and children play space!I'm trying not to be jealous,as I would LOVE to live in Florida!(I was born in Lakeland,and all of my family lives down there!)Thank you for your comment on my blog!Chicago is fun to visit.Amish Country is about three hours away,but also much fun.Shipshewana,has a museum that is great,you can walk through the history of the Amish.Great for kids too!There is also the Davis Mercantile that has an indoor carousel,and FUN shops!There is a resort with an indoor water park as well.Hope you have a great time,there is SO Much to do!!!If you have any more questions just let me know!Blessings to you!