Friday, May 29, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday: Kids Rooms

Kelly over at Kelly'sKorner is hosting Show Us Where You Live Friday's each week and today is Kids Rooms. I will be showing my girls room but not my son Dawson's as his was a little messy at the time I took the pictures. My girls share a room as of right now til our bonus area is finished in the future then Dawson will get the room there and Ireland will get his room eventually. All in time. For now the girls room is about 90% done.

This is Ireland and Ansley. Welcome to our room.

This is walking into their room. Ansley's side is on the right and Ireland's is the left side. Yes, I know that big window is bare of treatments and eventually I will get to it. It's driving me nuts as it's such a big window.

This is Ansley's bed and she LOVES it. It's her "Princess" bed. My in-laws were on vacation up north and saw this bed and figured Ansley needed it so they bought it and had it shipped down to Florida for us. I got some tulle to put on it but it needs a darker color also to help it blend better. Probably the color of Ansley's letters on the wall. I'm hoping to get that done in the next couple of weeks.

This is Ansley's dresser. Sorry about the lighting. I eventually want to change the handles out. The doll on her dresser is a Amish doll my inlaws got on vacation that was made by a Amish woman in her home. Her name is Hannah ( named by the woman herself) She only makes a handful of each doll. Ansley just loves her. There's a picture of Ansley and her brother Dawson when Ansley was a baby on her dresser and then piggy banks. The picture above her dresser is something I did for her 1st birthday. I took her birthday invitation and then a picture of her at a year old and put them in the frame with the matte and had everyone at her 1st birthday sign it with a message or wish for her. It's one of my favorite things.

Here's an upclose of it.

This is Ireland's side of the room. Her crib was Ansley's. I wish it was white but I haven't been brave enough to paint it.

This is Ireland's changing table. The wall above it is bare still. I either want to get a shelf with hooks to hang the girls baby dedication dresses on or their coming home outfits or either do a few pictures of them together.

This pillow here is Ansley's that my inlaws got her. My mother-in-law calls her "Miss Priss" and when she saw this snatched it up. It sits in the glider.

Here is the glider I never sit in. Our dog Libby sits in it more than I do. I eventually will take it out and maybe put a cute chair in their for Ansley to sit in or a table and chair. The basket on the right is Ansley's dolls which I'd like to move and get a night stand that's white with a few knick nacks and a lamp on it. The basket on the left is Ireland's baby toys.

This sign is above their door going out. I promise their walls aren't orange or anything. It's more of a faux beige gold color that's actually very pretty.

This is their closet which actually looks pretty good as alot of their clothes are out since we're leaving for Disney tomorrow and I've been packing.

Another view

Alot of Ansley's shoes. I have about 10 pairs in her suitcase for Disney. I am obsessed with shoes.

Ireland's shoes and alot of her's are packed too.

These 3 stuffed toys are special for Ireland as they were in her crib at the hospital from the time she was born. The doll on the right is her baby sister doll that her daddy and I gave her. Ansley has the big sister one. The bunny in the middle was from my parents and they call her their honey bunny. The one on the left is from Dawson and Ansley.

This is her bedding. I had a hard time deciding on her bedding. Trying to find something to match Ansley's was harder than I thought and then most the bedding's I liked for both were from Pottery Barn and I just couldn't justify spending all that money when I'm going to change Ireland's again soon and if they're still in the same room I'd have to change it all yet again. I came across this bedding one day while at Target and the colors matched Ansley's and the price was good. Plus I loved the cute birds in it since our last name is Byrd.

Here is their hairbow holder my aunt had made for them. She had it done with our last name initial since both girls could use it. I'm guilty of not putting any bows on their yet even though they have enough to fill about 10 of those things up.

This is a picture of Ansley when she was a couple of months old that's by her dresser on the wall.

Well that's the tour. Thanks for stopping by.


Rachel said...

I've seen most of these...but I just love it! LOVE the bedding! How do they handle sharing a room? I want my girls to share a room in about a year! I wasn't brave enough to try it now but I do have the older 2 together.

Brenda said...

Such a charming room! My daughter has been eyeing that Cinderella coach bed in the Rooms To Go catalog for soooo long!

Kari said...

I LOVE her bed!!! SOOO CUTE!! Also,I like the crib the way it is, but I understand you wanting it white! So, I say paint the crib! It's a lot of work...but sooo worth it! I wanted to paint mine the first time around but thought it was too much work. But, this time around, I really wanted it white, so I painted it! With 2 kids, it was hard to do, but it was SOOOOOOOO worth it, like I said. Anywho. I love the room!

Julie Davis said...

That's a gorgeous family you have, Debbie! Beautiful kids! Love the name "Ireland"! Cheers, Julie

Tara G. said...

What a precious bed! And precious grandparents, too! The 1st bday frame is so creative!

Courtney said...

The rooms all look great!

Jen said...

a friend of mine framed both of her kids coming home outfits with their hosital bracelets, the hospital pic, and some other odds and ends. They are really cute! I love your girls room!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love this....I enjoyed reading your blog today.
I am still finding my way around blogland....
I always love making new friends..

I am posting about Disney so hope you will stop by.
Each comment enters you for the June giveaway.

Shannon said...

Your trip to Disney sounded so fun! So glad your hubby could make it too.

Their room is so cute! That bed is amazing! What little girl would not love that?! :)