Friday, May 8, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday: Our Living Room

Kelly at Kelly'sKorner is hosting a Show Us Where You Live Party each Friday and today is your Living Room. I have been reading Kelly's blog for a couple of months now and look forward to reading it each day to see what her and Miss Harper are up to. Her little one is a doll. I decided to join this week even though my decorating or lack of leaves something to be desired.

This is the view upon entering my front door and yes that is a big screen over my fireplace. So not what I wanted as a focal point but the hubby was set on it.

These pretty flowers are from my hubby and the kids for Mother's Day. That pink scrapbook laying there on the coffee table is a gift from my mom one year for Christmas. She made it for me documenting all the big moments in my life. My marriage,babies, graduating nursing school, graduating high school, friends,family moments, and other things. Its by far the best gift I've ever gotten.

Here's my fireplace. I'm not in love with the marble and hope to one day replace it but it works. I know I'm lacking on the decor on the mantle but hope to fix that.

This is another piece that was my hubby's grandparents. I love it. David put a light in it and I display my Jim Shore collection here that are from my parents and my husbands parents.

Here is one of my side tables with our wedding invitation in the frame, a picture of Dawson and Ansley, a candle, and our wedding album. I don't really love our furniture. I feel its to big for the space and I'm not a glass type of girl. I prefer solid wood and more casual looking pieces. Hopefully I'll get to change it soon.

Here's our view out the front window. Yes, that's my baby girl Ireland. She's not feeling to well right now. She had her checkup today and got 4 shots. Can you blame her?

This is looking from our fireplace out to the front door and yes that's a empty dining room back there.

Another baby toy and the dog Libby Mae who loves this area of the living room.

I love this painting and it has a neat story to it. This painting is by James Seward and its a picture of him as a child with his grandfather. He painted this picture remembering his grandfather praying with him many a day at the table and giving him his first bible but also as a tribute for giving him his first art set. Our family had went on vacation with my cousin and her family to Gatlinburg and stopped in one of the village art shops one night and they were having a sale with picking a small candybar and the wrapper had a percentage off. The store was getting ready to close in 45 minutes or so and we loved this picture but so did my cousin so my husband opened his wrapper and it was 50% off and he gave it to my cousin. I was alittle disappointed as I wanted it as well. He said "if I get another 50% off I'll buy it." Well what did he get? You guessed it as its in my living room now.

The view coming from the hallway where the bedrooms are.

The view from the kitchen going into the living room. That's my Thomas Kincaid painting on that wall.

This mirror was my husbands grandparents and is VERY heavy. It took 5 grown men to hang it. My husband had to have this mirror put up. I think I would have preferred something smaller but I love the fact it was his grandparents. I eventually want to get it framed.

So that is my living room. There's still lots to do but it all comes with time. If you haven't participated in Kelly's Show Us Where You Live Friday you should. There's so many neat homes to see and ideas.


The Morris Family said...

Your curio cabinet is beautiful! Everything looks so warm and very inviting!! I did not post a LR but I have enjoyed looking at everyone's!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I love the wall color and warm tones - that piece from your husband's grandparents is fabulous!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Love it - guess what my favorite part is? The molding at the top! It's beautiful.

Heather said...

I love your living room, it is so pretty and I love that color on the walls!! You have a beautiful family!!

The Graves' House said...

you have a beautiful home! i love your wall color. and all the windows. by the way, i think a lot of our hubby are winning out with the big screens. i had a time at christmas trying to decorate around ours:)

Staci said...

Lovely room! The color is so pretty. And I love your shutters on your windows. Wish I could have shared pics, but, alas, we are in the middle of redecorating and it's a nightmare!