Monday, November 8, 2010

Missing A Friend On Their Birthday

Since moving here to Texas in July Ansley has made some very good friends. She's made several at church that she just loves and has also made a best friend at preschool named Ava. This is Ava and Ansley recently on our trip to the pumpkin patch. They are two peas in a pod while at school together their teacher says.

They just laugh and giggle when together and Ansley mentions Ava oh about 20 times a day. Well Ava does this and Ava says that. It's so cute and I'm glad Ansley is making some wonderful friends here.

But Ansley also misses her friends back home in Florida. This is her special cousin Kellen. My cousin Tracy and I were pregnant together with Ansley and Kellen and they've always been extremely close and the best of friends. They talk a pretty good bit on the phone but they miss each other.

Today is Kellen's 5th birthday and it seems quite upsetting for Ansley that she's unable to be there and was unable to go to his party yesterday. It breaks my heart. We're going home in alittle over a week and even though we'll celebrate together then it's still not quite the same.

So Happy 5th Birthday Kellen!!!! We love you and will be seeing you in about a week.

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Lolly said...

Debbie, thanks for the comment on my blog. Glad you enjoyed Chef Point. I just read your post. You will have to go back for some yummy fattening pasta. I didn't know they had fried chicken. That is my absolute favorite!!! I enjoyed meeting you at lunch. We need to do that again.