Sunday, February 14, 2010

God's Love,Valentine's Day,and an Anniversary

My husband and I have always been in church all our lives and our prayer has always been that our children would accept God into their hearts when the time came. Our oldest Dawson who is 9 decided recently that the time had came. He approached us about his salvation and literally broke down into tears saying "Mama, I don't think I'm saved and I want to goto Heaven one day." Those words were music to my ears as a parent. My husband and I have always took our children to church but have never wanted to push our children before they were ready. We want to make sure they do it of their own will and know they understand what they're doing. Dawson has been asking alot of questions lately and I thought maybe the time was coming. I kept telling him "Dawson if you need to talk I'm here." That talk came and it's blessed my heart. Today we went before the church to tell of Dawson's salvation. This picture is of Dawson,his dad,and I right after going before the church. I think Valentine's Day was a fitting day for this being a day for love and all. There's no greater love than God's.

Before we left for church this morning we gave our children their Valentine's gifts.

Here's one of my Valentine gifts from my husband. He's so good about sending me flowers all the time.

These roses are from my dad. As long as I can remember my dad has always given me flowers for my birthday and Valentine's Day. Once I got married he's continued to give me flowers and never forgets he's just downsized on the number of flowers since he knows my husband gives them also.

This is my in-laws. They went to church with us this morning since they knew Dawson would be going before the church. Today is also their 40th Anniversary. We took them out to eat after church. My in-laws by the grace of God are here today. They've had a tough year and a half. My mother-in-law suffered a stroke, then about 2 months later my father-in-law had a brain aneurysm had to be life flighted and was on lifesupport for awhile. He had brain surgery and was in the hospital for 2 months. They told us he would probably never be the same and would probably have to be put in a nursing home. After those 2 months he showed great improvement and they sent him to a rehab facility. He spent 2 months there learning how to walk,eat,and all the other skills necessary for life. They told us he might not ever drive again and his memory would probably be to the extent that we'd have to leave notes all over the house to remind him of things. My mother-in-law suffered another small stroke about 3 months after my father-in-law came home. Today both do extremely well. My father-in-law drives and his mind is sharp as a tack. You'd never know by looking at either of them what they've been through. Just goes to show you whose in charge and knows all about it. Happy Anniversary Mr. Dan and Mrs. Edie


Stephanie said...

What a blessed day you will always remember!

Twice as Nice said...

Wow, blessing abundant in your home. So much to be thankful for. I'm so happy for you all.

Melissa Miller said...

How wonderful and loving Dawson is Debbie! I am so happy for you all.

Thank you for entering my LL giveaway sweet friend. I always appreciate your kind visits.

~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Kimberly said...

Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by my blog. Tucker is a cock-a-poo and honestly the sweetest dog ever. I can't really say one thing bad thing about him. If I knew he was going to be this good of a dog I would have gotten two! :>) He is 4 and my constant companion!!! Your family is beautiful!! I joined your blog! I love your dad still gives you flowers! that's so sweet.

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

That is so sweet that your dad still sends flowers! Awwww.... And your hubby, too. Looks like y'all had a sweet vday. :)