Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thrifting and HomeGoods

I decided Saturday when I woke up from working the night before to hit a few thrift stores and take my mom to Homegoods as she's never been. We ended up at Salvation Army and I'm loving that store. I've never been to one only Goodwills. They had so much stuff. I loved a particular chair there as well that I might go back and see if they still have it. I never knew that they take 10% off if its been on the floor 10 days,20% off if its been on the floor 20 days,etc. This chair had been on the floor for 30 days so far so it was already 30% off of $69. I should have gotten it then. I keep kicking myself over it. I did however get this finds for a total of $12. I thought I did pretty good.

I got a beautiful plate that is very heavy, a towel holder, a glass cheese dome. I figured I might try to spray paint the plate part, and a cute candy dish.

Our next stop was Homegoods. Here are the few things I got from there.


Katie said...

Great finds! What are your ideas for your plate!?

Twice as Nice said...

Just checking to see if you got your laundry room sign yet?

Jen said...

I love thrift stores!!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi there...I didn't see your email anywhere ?? The nest banner is 43 " long with the ribbon from end to end. Let me know if that is long enough or if you wanted something longer. cherry